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If I'm not mistaken, this is probably the very first episode of Star Trek that didn't have any sort of science-fiction angle whatsoever. (Originally, what became the later episode Remember Me was going to be a subplot here, but it was ultimately decided to leave it out.)
Hm ... How would you judge ``The Conscience Of The King''? I suppose the voice-print stuff and the phaser overload and later fire are science fiction elements, but they're just a relabelling of fingerprinting and police revolvers, and the story isn't about them.
In a way, it also was a major step forward in making Trek episodes less "stand-alone" and in establishing the viability of greater continuity and story arcs.
I certainly thought it was a good thing and still do. According to the legends I've heard it drew awful ratings, coming in with an audience of nearly fourteen people, though, which if true seems to have put them off of trusting the audience to know big events require recuperation time.
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