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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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While I am still convinced that the Caeliar be related to the Borg, I did stumble upon something when I was going through the book again that might be problematic. On Page 110, second full paragraph from the bottom, Inyx explains to Hernandez: "Because the passage of our cities and the others in the past has resulted in no detectable change of the timeline, we have deduced that these events must have occurred in the timeline that we consider standard."

Now, I find it hard to think that the Caeliar hadn't noticed the huge difference in the timeline that there are suddenly millions of Borg running about assimilating everyone.
But that's the whole point of Inyx's statement -- that the event didn't alter the timeline, it recursively caused the events that were already part of the timeline. It's a "predestination paradox," like how the Enterprise going back in time and intercepting Gary Seven was just a part of how events in 1968 had "always" happened.
And definitely see it that way now. Originally though I was reading it as "We and the other cities managed to lay low and as far as we can tell our travels had no effect on the timeline AT ALL."

Which I see isn't the case, and as I tried to express in my post I really appreciate seeing. It is nice to not see the "before" and "after" version of time travel. . .Just that things are as they are.

This is all, assuming of course, that the initial assumption that somehow the Caeliar gave rise to the Borg is correct, which I am sure you will neither confirm nor deny
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