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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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This isn't actually about Lost Souls, not Mere Mortals, but it's really not big enough to get a whole thread to itself.

Has anyone else here read the Lost Souls excerpt in Star Trek Magazine yet? I just did, and now I am more certain than ever that the Caeliar tie into the origin of the Borg.
I haven't yet, so I will have to go out tomorrow and find it.

While I am still convinced that the Caeliar be related to the Borg, I did stumble upon something when I was going through the book again that might be problematic. On Page 110, second full paragraph from the bottom, Inyx explains to Hernandez: "Because the passage of our cities and the others in the past has resulted in no detectable change of the timeline, we have deduced that these events must have occurred in the timeline that we consider standard."

Now, I find it hard to think that the Caeliar hadn't noticed the huge difference in the timeline that there are suddenly millions of Borg running about assimilating everyone.

But, actually as I have been typing this, I am realizing that it isn't so problematic, because, after all, the book is Destiny. It does make sense that the Borg existed in the timeline before the city left, so perhaps the Caeliar didn't realize that they themselve were responsible. . . Which of itself seems odd as well. But the description of Lost Souls does use the term "Inescapable final destiny" or something like that.

Anyhow, just some possibly incoherent ramblings. . . But I think tying "destiny" into time travel makes sense. In Star Trek we often see the timeline before the change, and then after the change--but honestly does the "before" ever really happen?? (Yes, I watched Generations today, and am still hung up on the whole paradox).
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