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This has always been one of my favorites. It showed very well how much brothers can love each other without liking each other. The fact that it showed a crew member in recovery was a great step forward for Trek as well. Unfortunately, it was a lesson they forgot not long after (such as Worf running around the ship right after the episode where he had spinal surgery).
Picard's story was, by far, the best part of the episode. Worf's story drags it down in my memory and I'd completely forgotten the Wesley story. Had this episode solely focused on Picard as, say, "Future Imperfect" (not a good ep, btw) focused on Riker, it would have been one of TNG's handful of classics. Instead, it's a little over a third of one.

Picard has been through two shattering experiences in TNG--becoming Locutus and being tortured by Madred. Sometimes, I wish we saw more of those scars.
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