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Plot Summary: Picard leaves the Enterprise under Riker's command during repairs and beams down to Earth to visit his family in France. He is charmed by his brother Robert's wife Marie and son Rene, but Robert still believes that Picard is arrogant and irresponsible; he does not want his son coming under Jean-Luc's influence. Meanwhile, the humans who raised Worf come aboard the Enterprise to visit him. Sergei and Helena Rozhenko are adoring parents and Worf is embarrassed by them. Elsewhere on the ship, Beverly Crusher sorts through a package she had left in storage and finds mementos from her late husband Jack, including a holographic message he recorded for Wesley before he died. As Picard comes to terms with his trauma from having been mutilated and used by the Borg, he considers taking an offer to head an ocean-bound scientific project on Earth, but a fight with his brother convinces him that he must be the starship captain spent so many years working to become. Worf ultimately appreciates his parents' unconditional love, even if they can't understand his Klingon sense of honor and the pain that his rejection by the Klingon council has caused. Beverly gives Wesley the recording of his father, who expresses his hope that his young son might someday follow in his footsteps to Starfleet. Picard returns to his ship in time to meet the departing Rozhenkos, who are effusive in their greeting and leave the captain smiling while Worf is once again mortified.

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