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Re: The Kelvin's uniforms

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Actually, my only quibbles with the "new" uniforms fall into the stupid fabric thing, and the replacement of the gold details with silver ones.
I feel compelled to repeat myself on this issue:
I'm surprised no one has brought this up before, but current MARPAT U.S. Marines uniforms incorporate the Marines' Eagle Globe and Anchor (EGA) at regular intervals throughout the uniform fabric. The emblems are only 1/4" in size, aren't easy to see against the camouflage, and aren't repeated at the density seen in the Trek costumes, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the inspiration for the patterns in the new movie.
If we accept that the delta is the service-wide emblem, then I'm not sure I find anything objectionable in the new fabric texture. This could be a style thing of Starfleet or a security issue, making it harder for an impostor to simply throw on black pants and a colored tunic and try to blend in. Someone's bound to notice something's not quite right with that science crewman they don't recognize when they get close enough to notice his tunic is unpatterned.

Even if the delta isn't service-wide, but Enterprise-specific, the same could hold true. Each ship's quartermaster would equip new crew with official uniforms for that ship as they come aboard.

Personally, I've never seen the pull-over tunics to look terribly much like a uniform. When that Air Force officer interrogating Kirk in "Tomorrow is Yesterday" asks if Kirk's wearing some kind of uniform, I usually just smile and shake my head. The only thing that begins to look vaguely like a uniform on Kirk's attire are his captain's stripes. Everything else looks like leisure-wear to me. Unfortunately, these new outfits don't resolve my little problem. Were I in charge, I'd likely go with department-specific shirt, with Starfleet iconography and nametag on the chest, rank on the sleeves, and ship-specific patch with department enhancement on the shoulder.

But I'll let it slide for now.
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