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Re: Smallville 8x07 "Identity" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

Let's see.. we got Chloe Sullivan the liar who can't be honest with her soon to be HUSBAND! We got Chloe Sullivan the MURDERER! And I know the excuses will fly about brainiac but quite frankly Brainiac WOULD NOT go out of his way to protect Clark like that.

Overalla pretty darn good epeisode though. I'm really enjoying the season though I still think it lacks something big without the Luthors.

On another note it REALLY annoys me when they go out of their way to put down the abilities and uch of other heroes. I have WAY more respect for a Batman or Green Arrow type that actually REALLY risk their lives every time they suit up than a pretty much indestructible superhero. It takes WAY more courage and guts to do what Ollie does that what Clark does.
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