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Re: The Kelvin's uniforms

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If Abrams and his cohorts knew what they were doing, than yes, they would be Cage inspired. But Abrams and his cohorts don't know what they are doing. The Kelvin with its one nacelle and registry starting with zero are proof of that.

Yes, I am going to keep driving this issue into the ground.
Indeed. Nothing says "future" like sweaters.
Velour sweaters.
You guys say this like we were given an absolute choice between "velour" and "funky, expensive fabric with useless little chevrons on it."

There are a lot of other choices available which have little, if anything, to do with EITHER of those. And would still have given us uniforms which were, in every significant way, the original TOS uniforms.

Actually, my only quibbles with the "new" uniforms fall into the stupid fabric thing, and the replacement of the gold details with silver ones. I like the old gold-braid and the gold chest insignia. I can't see any rationale for making them silver instead of gold... except to "change things just because we can." (Oh, and the "sleeveless uniforms" for THE WOMEN seem to be there just to make them look more like "sexy little nightclub outfits." I hope we see at least a few skirt-uniforms with long sleeves... )

The idea of "black undershirts and colored overshirts" isn't something new... that's canon, from the original series (though it was lost in a number of the "Kirk shirt-ripping" bits). So that part is really great to see, IMHO.
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