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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

^^ I like the way the guy who wrote that article wonders when Bond learned his Zen like skills...well presumably during his 14 months in a North Korean prison!

One could argue that it's easier to suspend your disbelief for a film that requires you to suspend your disbelief over everything than to do it for part of a film that proclaims itself to be gritty and grounded in realism?

I'm in a minority I know because I actually like DAD (in the same way I like Moonraker) neither is my favourite, but I'd watch them over several other Bonds (View to a Kill, TWINE, FYEO or Thunderball) any day. I like camp Bonds and more serious Bonds, but letís face it, Bond has always been ridiculous. People go on about how Connery made proper spy thrillers but really there was only FRWL that counts in that respect.
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