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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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The way I've always seen the Cardassians--personally, at least--is that their culture has a terrible sickness in it...but not all of the people really HAVE the disease; some just fake it so as not to get caught as being out of place. There just isn't any way their entire population could be that evil through and through. (And I believe there are good parts of their culture, can't ALL have been so thoroughly perverted without their becoming the Borg.) Others are free to disagree and write their own stories differing...but that's just me.
Oh, absolutely. There's no perfect culture, but there are also none that are so deeply evil down to every individual that you can't find the good points. I've never honestly felt strongly about the Cardassians one way or the other -- DS9 was something I watched if it happened to be on, but never seriously. Of course, I did sympathize with Bajor, but had my problems with Bajoran culture at points, too. So, it really doesn't shock me that there would be decent Cardassians, probably more than most would expect even.

It's just great to see how you weave it all together and make it so real and relatable that keeps me coming back for more. There may well be other authors who write Cardassian culture, but they'd be hardpressed to beat your vision of it.
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