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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Wow. Several stunning chapters. Macet becomes more and more likable; I think I'll have a very hard time forgiving you if it turns out that he's anything like Dukat in the end. Or on that level of bad. I really love how evocative your language is -- you pull out these very primal concepts of loyalty and freedom and what kind of person it takes to leads a small group into battle against an overwhelming force.

This last chapter I've read so far took my breath away. Beautiful work.
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Absolutely fabulous! This strange band of allies are just terrific; the compassion the Cardassians learned the hard way, the slow building of trust. This story just keeps getting better and better.
I'm very glad this is still holding your interest.

The way I've always seen the Cardassians--personally, at least--is that their culture has a terrible sickness in it...but not all of the people really HAVE the disease; some just fake it so as not to get caught as being out of place. There just isn't any way their entire population could be that evil through and through. (And I believe there are good parts of their culture, can't ALL have been so thoroughly perverted without their becoming the Borg.) Others are free to disagree and write their own stories differing...but that's just me.

Now that these guys aren't operating under the auspices of Central Command, I think there's more freedom to show themselves as they are. Macet, we know, has an unorthodox past. So does Daro (though information on that will come much later). And so does Tayben (which you'll find out about in the next section I post in a few weeks, once I show who he is).
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