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Vulcan-like Planet May Really Exist

NASA astronomers say the Epsilon Eridani system is home to at least three jumbo worlds.

As reported by USA Today, Epsilon Eridani, where the fictional Vulcan, home of Star Trek's Mr. Spock, does indeed have planets in its solar system just as Star Trek's Epsilon Eridani does.

The NASA Spitzer space telescope, which measures infrared heat given off by dust and ice rings which circle Epsilon Eridani, suggests the presence of three large planets, which have "dust-free circular lanes" in the asteroid belt and comet belts of Epsilon Eridani.

Epsilon Eridani is eight-hundred and fifty million years old, a fifth of the age of Earth's sun, and is approximately sixty-two trillion miles from Earth. It is the closest known solar system.

"We certainly haven't seen it yet," said Massimo Marengo, astronomer at of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, "but if its solar system is anything like ours, then there should be planets like ours."

To read more, head to the article located here.

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