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Re: TOS Enterprise: Multiple Reactors?

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One wonders if Starfleet didn't do something of a reverse move: in TOS (or TAS), the warp engines might have had built-in annihilation chambers, while in TNG the preferred way is to perform the annihilations in a central spot and then route the "steam" to the applications.

Timo Saloniemi
I think you're onto something there, my friend.

I like to think that in TOS there was a large 'multi-boiler' reactor in the secondary hull which was probably a lot like three Enterprise-size reactors linked together(which would be the thing behind the grill) the power of which was routed through the dilithium crystal room and pedestel seen in the 3rd season, which in turn connected to two smaller sub-reactors, one in each warp nacelle. The interconnected multiple reactors gave way to perhaps beginning with TMP or perhaps instead with the Excelsior and the Enterprise-A with the new intermix chamber setup, a shift began towards the central reaction with EPS taps, completed by the era of TNG.

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