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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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I'm not sure how else to describe it when James Bond swims to shore after leaving MI-6, walks up to a hotel, gets a swanky room, gets himself all dressed up, and instantly determines that the mirror is two-way and there's an agent behind it.
Huh? He knows the manager is a Chinese agent who graciously gives him a lavish room, and then a beautiful woman turns up at his door. He is a spy for God's sake, he knows what a honey trap is. There are plenty of camp moments in DAD, but that really isn'ty one of them.

I think using Dench again for the Craig films was a mistake. They should have got a new actor.
What made it absurd was not the scenario of realizing that the manager is an agent and that there's a honeypot trap. What makes it absurd is that he gets a room at this big expensive place when he's just been swimming huge distances, doesn't look the least bit tired or worn out or anything, is just instantly sauve and in control and can afford the room (wasn't he cut off from MI6 at the time?), instantly starts with the seduction routine...

It's not the idea, it's the execution and the surrounding scenes.
Meanwhile Daniel Craig get's poisoned, difibrilated and goes back to win a huge card game and nobody says a thing about that being a tad unbelievable! Double standards?

I'd suggest rewatching DAD, I believe Mr Chang gives him the room because he knows his credit is good (and also likely because he wants to ensnare him) also when Bond seduces the massuse it's with the explicit intention of getting her gun off her. I'll give you the looking sauve bits, though he scrubs up well with just a razor and a haircut.

Personally I love the scene where he walks in soaking wet in his pyjamas with long hair and a beard because with the 007 music playing he is still so obviously Bond.
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