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Re: ST:TOS - General Fanfic

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
That's funny! For some reason, I would've pegged Chekov as the messy one, not Sulu!

I love how you repeat the "facts of the case" to drive home Chekov's indignation.

"Chekov just stared. He had a galley stove in his quarters. He had goo on his table. There was white powder on his floor."

You can just feel him getting more and more steamed!
With Sulu's characterization, I always really liked how the L.A. Graf team wrote him, Chekov and Uhura, and usually go with that interpretation. That's where Sulu's fifty-million hobbies came from. Thanks so much for the comment! My sister is a Chekov-devotee, and this was all for her.

Mistral wrote: View Post
*snicker* This would have been good for our humor challenge a few months back.
Thanks! Had I been here, I doubtless woulda been in on it. I'll keep an eye out for the next!

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