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Re: ST:TOS - General Fanfic

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Hmm...2266...that seems like it was still in the middle of the five-year mission. Was Kirk just showing the effects of staying up WAY too late, or was he really doubting himself that much?
I think he was probably a little of both. Kirk's always an odd subject for me; I get really irritated when authors turn him into a gold-shirted messiah, who always has all the answers, when even in canon he was obviously flawed. They all were in some way or another, that's why they're so compellingly human. Then again, there's no denying that he was confident in a lot of arenas.

So, I think part of it was a late night, and being tired, but also part of it was that this just wasn't Kirk's strong suit -- mathematics, and then the frustration of it not turning out exactly how he can guess it should (which... well, obviously, no one likes that but I think he REALLY doesn't like it), and then missing this really simple mistake with tired eyes after hours of trying to figure it out. I think anyone would probably get a bit messed up in the head.

::laughs:: Or, a much more simple answer: InfiniteViking was pulling her hair out over math, and I wanted to write a story to make her laugh, showing her that even the best have been occasionally stumped by it.
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