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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

what can I say? this film is a mess, I think the closest thing I can compare it too is the second Bourne film in the sense that the very thin plot is only pulled out when the awkwardly shot action needs a break.

what little I did make out of the plot, I quite liked but it was very thin. a lot of the film suffered from the kind of problems you get in amateur films, where cuts to new scenes just leave you asking where the action has moved too.

the worse offender is a scene in an airport which moves to an opera house which seemed to imply they were still in the same building. which didn't make much sense.

one of the most irritating things about the film was the style of the graphics, which had location subtitles designed to look part of the scene like when a shot looking down on a road with "London, England" as if it was painted on the road.

also there some Minority Report style computer interfaces, which went against what Casino Royale had set up as a more bare bones Bond.

I do like Daniel Craig's Bond, its the closest we've seen to Flemming's books and he puts in a good second performance.

Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Green is a much weaker character then Le Chiffre and I kind of got the feeling they didnt know where to draw the line between cheesy 80s megalomaniac Bond Villain and the more reserved villains of the earlier films.

whilst I felt disappointed, I can't in all honesty say I didn't enjoy the film, and in that respect I'd probably compare it to "The World Is Not Enough" In terms of recent Bond outings, It's not god awful, its a decent story lost in a lot of badly covered action, and a style that feels so modern it hurts.
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