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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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I'm not sure how else to describe it when James Bond swims to shore after leaving MI-6, walks up to a hotel, gets a swanky room, gets himself all dressed up, and instantly determines that the mirror is two-way and there's an agent behind it.
You MIGHT have a point ... assuming Brosnan wrote the scene. But that's not the case.
I wasn't accusing him of writing it. But, yes, I think that the films he was in were a bit camp.
I honestly think that stretch of DAD, esp through the first part of Cuba (before all the OTT stuff that made it ludicrous), was pretty good. No, I don't see the Brosnans as camp at all. TND was utter horseshit, but not camp.

Like I always say, you want to see Broz do his best Bond, you watch TAILOR OF PANAMA (or suffer through Michael Caine to watch a bit of 4th protocol), you don't watch badly-written Bond movies.
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