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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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One good thing I will say about Casino Royale, although it applies to all of the Brosnan films too, is that of all the Ms that I've seen, Judi Dench is the only one that leaves any impression on me. The rest are all kinda just generic old guys in suits.
Bernard Lee IS m. He and Connery had real tension on screen, i wish he'd been around for Dalton's films, cuz THAT m. really sucked.

Dame Judi is ... uncomfortable. She doesn't look like she belongs in the clothes, and she probably still hasn't figured out how to square away the fact she is playing a completely different character now that the bond universe revamped. Carrying her over was a mistake, but up until hiring Forster, I think this Bond retooling overall has been a near-total mistake (except for giving up on the fantasy toys, which were seriously played out, esp in DAD.)
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