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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Really the only person so far that has ever been in official canon is Macet. You'll see Daro later, and I already mentioned what happened to Telle after he got busted spying on the Enterprise. The rest of the Trager crew is all my creation.

As for the Sherouk, their gul has not appeared on the show, but was created for one pre-relaunch DS9 novel. I did notice, though, that I made a minor screwup in his timeline: that previous appearance of his probably should have been in the first season of DS9. (This novel details the incident where he got shot the first time, the one he doesn't talk about for several reasons that those who read the novel will probably understand once I show who he is!) The incident that got him shot for the second time occurred sometime after the Maquis really got into it, meaning probably season 3. This being season 7, he's had command of the Sherouk for longer than I thought now...about four years.
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