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Re: Nolan 'Unsure' about Batman Sequel

middyseaforth said:
Although, I like the idea of a more intimate movie rather than a huge epic film like TDK which I enjoyed a great deal. I'd like a third film to be something where the drama is more intimate and claustrophobic. Moreover, I'd like to see the detective aspect of Batman take center stage rather than being peripheral to the story. Perhaps a Hard Boiled or Noir Batman movie. A story of detection in which Gordon must enlist, on the sly, Batman to solve a crime of the underworld instead of going directly against a big name villain. Perhaps a gruesome murder which, like in many good Noir/Hard Boiled stories, only leads Batman into a deeper web of deceit and lurid behavior.
I also love this idea, and thought it was along the lines of what Nolan might be hinting at in the quote I pulled out of the article. Though I could also see something that went for the more psychological aspects of Batman.

But the noir/ hard-boiled quality of Batman is my favorite, so I'd love to see your suggestion followed!

gaith1 wrote: View Post
I meant "three-act" as in "beginning, middle, end" rather than modern screenplay three-act guidelines, though I admit I wasn't too clear about that. As for Shakespeare, I gather he only did one trilogy (the Henry VIs), which I have no familiarity with. My point was that trilogies like Pirates and Matrix seem to go for "beginning, middle, middle", instead of finding a quicker, more natural conclusion.
I understood that "beginning, middle, end" is what you meant. I was just saying that the trend in contemporary storytelling has tended to be for the beginning to be about 1/6-2/6 of the story, the middle to be 3/6-4/6 of the story and the ending to be 1/6 of the story, which is a length structure dictated by movies, back when movies were 1 2-hour story. That is, I don't think a quicker conclusion is actually more natural. I think it just feels that way to us because we've all been raised on Hollywood movies which tend to start the third act in the last 10-15 minutes of a movie, with lots of climax and little resolution.

It's very possible to tell a story where the beginning, middle and end are the same length - and I think Lord of the Rings is a good example of that. LotR is indeed all one story, but it still has a three act structure. But it deliberately followed the dictates of an older epic structure. Jackson was loyal to that, for the most part, and we ended up with a trilogy where the beginning, middle and end were essentially the same length.
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