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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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Crap! This is out already?!

Oh, fair warning if you want to stay spoiler-free for Lost Souls, Trekweb has an excerpt posted that spoils one of the cliffhangers.
Waiting for the Kindle version. gON came out very quick via Kindle, this one has eluded me so far. I may not be able to wait as I finished gON last night. Great book. DMack is my new favorite Trek author.
Mere Mortals is available for the Sony Reader

It's also available in Mobipocket format at Fictionwise, BooksOnBoard, & Cyberread.

Cyberread is having a 1/2 price sale using the code THKU08 which drops the price down to $3.50.
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