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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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My only criticism is that I honestly don't think the first hour is that good. It's alright, but nothing special. Once Vesper is introduced on the train however, the rest of the movie is near perfect.
Huh. Interesting. I have almost the exact opposite reaction. I thought the 1st hour was very fun & exciting. But once Vesper shows up, it slows to a crawl until the big finish in Venice. Vesper & the poker were both very dull.

I like some of the more down-to-earth James Bond pictures, like The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, and (to a lesser extent) For Your Eyes Only. But even those have a fun glib-ness to them that tells you not to take them too seriously. Casino Royale takes itself far more seriously than any action film ever should. I'm hoping that, now that we're past the origin story, we can get to more conventional, fun Bond stories with Quantum of Solace.
I agree, the first hour or so is great, and I think Daniel Craig is very Bond like in the Bahamas, and whilst the free running goes on a tad too long the set piece in Miami is great. Then it all calms down and isn't quite as good.

Part of this is the fact that I dislike Eva Green. Is she French, is she English, is she mad? Who can tell. I certainly don't buy the love between them, and much like in the book her transition from hating to loving Bond happens really quickly and quite inexplicably.

Also because I'd read the book there were less surprises from here on in. Still some nice touches but I almost groan out loud when Mathis keeps stating the obvious during the card game. The game itself wasn't that exciting. Also Le Chiffre is a pretty dull badguy. I like the second half better with repeat viewings, but in effect it's almost two separate films that are bolted together. Both are good in different ways but the join isn't that seamless.
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