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Re: TOS Enterprise: Multiple Reactors?

In case it helps, TOS references to on-board reactor(s) besides "Day of the Dove":

DESALLE: Engineering, stand by to divert all power systems to the outer hull. Prepare impulse engines for generation of maximum heat directed as ordered. Maybe we can't break it, but I'll bet you credits to navy beans we can put a dent in it.


CHEKOV: It was that electrical field we set up, Mister DeSalle, that dent you wanted. It's not much, but it is a start.
DESALLE: Keep it up, Mister Chekov. Channel the entire output of reactors one, two, and three into the relay stations. Whatever it is, it's starting to weaken.

"By Any Other Name":
SPOCK: The final decision, of course, must be the captain's, but I believe we must have it ready for him. The Enterprise is propelled by matter-antimatter reactors. The barrier we must traverse is negative energy.


SPOCK: Mister Scott and I have prepared the means for the only logical alternative available to us.
KIRK: What alternative?
SPOCK: The barrier we must penetrate is composed of negative energy.
SCOTT: I have opened the control valves to the matter-antimatter nacelles. On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy.

"Elaan of Troyius":
SCOTT: Our shields will hold for a few passes, but without the matter-antimatter reactor, we've no chance.

"That Which Survives":
SCOTT: Watkins must've been murdered. I sent him in to check the matter-antimatter reactor. There are no exposed circuits there.

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