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Re: Nolan 'Unsure' about Batman Sequel

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I certainly can't think of many particularly good chapter three movies, not even BttF and Jedi; though there were wonderful parts to both of those. (Azkaban doesn't really count, since it's part three of seven.)
I think BttF has a solid and satisfying Third. And, of course, there's always Return of the King.
I wasn't countring RotK as I consider it all one big movie.

You've got a good point regarding threquels and their relationship to third acts, but I disagree that they always need to be third acts, and that those should be the shortest acts.... Remember Shakespeare worked in a five act structure, with the acts being pretty much the same length.
I meant "three-act" as in "beginning, middle, end" rather than modern screenplay three-act guidelines, though I admit I wasn't too clear about that. As for Shakespeare, I gather he only did one trilogy (the Henry VIs), which I have no familiarity with. My point was that trilogies like Pirates and Matrix seem to go for "beginning, middle, middle", instead of finding a quicker, more natural conclusion.

Maybe the smartest approach would not to feel any need to resolve things, but to simply tell another good Batman story in much the same way TDK simply told a good Batman story and didn't worry about advancing any particular plot points or themes of Begins.
That's an interesting suggestion. And in the "beginning, middle, end" scheme, part 3 doesn't have to be the end; indeed, in Harry Potter, 3 is the end of the beginning.

What with TDK's deaths and no chance of a Ledger return (and thus, I assume, no Joker), it doesn't seem as though Nolan has much choice! The worst-case scenario would be for Dent, the Joker, Batman and a new villain or two all running around trying to Jinx each other, with Rachel still debating which guy to go with.

So I guess Nolan could either approach the next movie as another episode in a series with no fixed end, or try to wrap up Bruce's time as Batman to some degree. Regardless, he seems to be on a promising track... besides, since I'd just as soon forget about Begins, I can always pretend the next one is part two.

It's movie four I'm worried about.
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