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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post this section, a character with the first name of "Tayben" makes an appearance that if you've read the older DS9 novels, you might recognize.
Caught up this far. Absolutely loved the ruse to switch Arawil out with someone loyal; great cloak-and-dagger stuff. The intrigue is just so much fun in this story, and the sheer amount of personality you pull out of Macet and, really, everyone is a pleasure to read. I don't recognize any of them, really, but still find them to be credible and likable both, which speaks well of you as a writer.

The notion of them ready to try to free their culture from these people Dukat let in, a small force to preserve their way of life, is very poignant. Great work.
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