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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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My only criticism is that I honestly don't think the first hour is that good. It's alright, but nothing special. Once Vesper is introduced on the train however, the rest of the movie is near perfect.
Huh. Interesting. I have almost the exact opposite reaction. I thought the 1st hour was very fun & exciting. But once Vesper shows up, it slows to a crawl until the big finish in Venice. Vesper & the poker were both very dull.

I like some of the more down-to-earth James Bond pictures, like The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, and (to a lesser extent) For Your Eyes Only. But even those have a fun glib-ness to them that tells you not to take them too seriously. Casino Royale takes itself far more seriously than any action film ever should. I'm hoping that, now that we're past the origin story, we can get to more conventional, fun Bond stories with Quantum of Solace.
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