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Re: New 'Star Trek XI' Pictures

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Zack and Chris make SUCH a cute couple! Awwwww!
You know, I got kind of a gay vibe off of that image, too -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- but in more or less replicating the publicity still of Shatner and Nimoy, they forgot to tell Quinto in particular to try not to look like he's trying to be seductive. Compare the more benign expressions in the original to the update. It looks now like Spock and Kirk got a little something-something going on.

And why does JJ Abrams keep pulling this snarky Gen-X thing of crapping on the very thing he's trying to resurrect? If it was that bad, why redo it at all? So far, the retro elements are the only things that make the movie look remotely interesting and distinguishable from the bizillion other generic spaceship flicks on the DVD shelves. The funny thing is that a lot of what he says about the costumes is at odds with fashion today -- for instance, I have a blue, form-fitting V-neck sweater with a black T-shirt collar "insert" I bought more than a year ago at a trendy store and that bears a striking resemblance to the slightly modified uniforms in this film. Had I not got it so long ago, I would assume it was inspired by the costumes shown here. The jewel tones of many Star Trek costumes also are popular colors in clothes.
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