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Re: Nolan 'Unsure' about Batman Sequel

The actual article, as opposed to the typical imdb butchering of movie news, is pretty interesting. One choice tidbit:

GB: After the massive, military-level operation of making "Dark Knight," is there part of you leaning toward a smaller, more nimble sort of production next?

NOLAN: On one hand, yeah, there is a certain feeling to do that. After "Batman Begins," I certainly felt like taking on something smaller, but one of the things I got such a thrill from on "The Dark Knight" was shooting on Imax and creating that massive scale and achieving that larger-than-life quality. So thatís a lot of fun. Iím drawn in both directions now. So maybe what I need to do next is a very intimate, small story that happens to be photographed on a ridiculously large scale. Or vice versa [laughs].
Of course there'll be athird movie, as to whether or not Nolan will be involved, sounds to me like it's all about whether or not there's an interesting story there. Which is just what it should be about.
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