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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Wow, the first three parts you have posted are just made of win. I love how you work your way through Macet's mind, showing him to be a flesh-and-blood being with a very distinct personality all his own. That's just awesome stuff; he's not some typical villain, but a fully-drawn being. I also love his responses to Arawil. I was rooting for him big-time, even before I'd finished the first part.

The second part, with the battle scene, was intense. I felt for Mike, but also for the Cardassian that Folani did in. I think you probably meant that subtle 'which side is really right here?' question to be asked there, and you did a brilliant job with it.

Finally, the third scene with Macet and Mike was also just... yeah. I can say great a bunch more times, but probably not say it enough.

I love your style, too; it's not only technically unassailable, but there's this really good dry humor where appropriate and an eye for the flow of the line and rhythm of the words. I'm glad that I did some research and started reading this!
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