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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

I watched it about three weeks ago and it's still my favorite Bond film. I don't mind the length because it was a character driven Bond film. The killing affected him. We saw him grow into the cold-hearted Bond we know best. He was brutal and had to learn how to be suave. That, plus some great action scenes, plus the sheer elegence and globetrotting grandeur. That's what I love best about Bond films. This guy gets to travel the world and stay at the fanciest places and meet the most beautiful women. Also, I loved Vesper Lynd. I think Eva Green is a fantastic actress and it was great seeing a character with the prickly shell melt before our eyes. Her betrayal was expected and still heartbreaking. CR set up a believable romance between Bond and Vesper and set him off on his journey to become the Bond we all know and love, so although the early reviews of Quantum haven't been as good as CR, I'm still excited to see him hell-bent on continuing the emotional journey. Plus QoS hasn't gotten bad reviews, but mostly critics are saying that it's not as great as CR, which is hard to match.

I don't miss the gadgets mostly because we live in a gadget-filled world already. We have phones that can give us traffic updates, take photos, hold hours and hours of music and give us internet access. We can hang giant TVs on our walls like paintings. We drive cars that can talk us to the nearest four-star restaurant and can parallel park themselves. What's the next step? The only thing left to do is make the car invisible and we saw how ridiculous that looks. The 60s - 80s we were on the cusp of a technological renaissance so the gadgets looked cool. Now that we're here, the only way to make a gadget look futuristic is to make it break the bounds of credulity into science fiction. I for one don't want to see Bond get a watch that can literally turn back time.

I've always been a fan of more realisitic Bond films that have a touch of humor. My favorites are Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Living Daylights and Goldeneye. Casino Royale fits right in with them. But my biggest worry is that QoS goes too Bourne because that was cool because it was gritty. Bond needs to be grounded yet elegant. The fantasy comes from the elegent lifestyle he leads.
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