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I like the new story, definitely.

I can almost hear "Cat's in the Cradle" playing, as I read the McCoy story--it just has that same emotional feel to it. (Which is quite the fit, considering the time period of TOS and McCoy's own old-fashionedness.)
Yah. I've never been very happy with that one, but I'm glad I got the point across with it. Thank you for the comment, too!
I can't really see what would've bothered you about me it comes off great.

I'm gonna have to read that. I don't (rather guiltily) know a whole lot about Cardassians, but anything that shows the more small, life-and-mind-shaping stuff is great with me.
That's OK...for this one, you really only need two episodes: "Second Skin" and "Ties of Blood and Water". Even if you read the synopses at M-A, it's my personal opinion that even if you know what's coming, if you've never seen those two episodes it'll still hit you HARD to see it for the first time. By the time I was able to see "Ties," I did know, and it still was incredibly powerful.

In "A Weaver of Lives," you definitely get "bigger" events from those episodes, but you also get to see how behind the scenes, Ghemor affected the people around him, and how those people remember him after he's gone.

Regrets aren't logical--but I definitely think Sarek had them later on.
I think so, too. Still, I ultimately think he was a good man; flawed, but with genuine intentions.
I don't doubt his good intentions either. I just think he had some lingering Vulcan-centrism that maybe he didn't want to fess up to. (I know, odd considering what species he married, twice, but still.)
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