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Re: ST:TOS - General Fanfic

DavidFalkayn wrote: View Post
Welcome to the board! I'm a sucker for TOS era stories and I found of your offerings here most enjoyable reads. Those of us who have had experiences with toddlers know fully well what Sarek is going through and the Dr. McCoy piece was very powerful as we know that in the end he'll make the same mistakes his father made.

Very well done vignettes--short and powerful. I hope we see more of you and your stories here.
Heya! Thanks for the comment! And yeah, when I wrote 'Not Too Soon', I was really glad to be able to write a story other parents or folks who are around babies would just GET. As for the McCoy story... I'm not one-hundred percent thrilled with it, with the style I used to write it, but I'm thoroughly glad you liked it. It was more'n a little bittersweet to write, and more bitter than sweet. Thank you again for the comment!

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
I like the new story, definitely.

I can almost hear "Cat's in the Cradle" playing, as I read the McCoy story--it just has that same emotional feel to it. (Which is quite the fit, considering the time period of TOS and McCoy's own old-fashionedness.)
Yah. I've never been very happy with that one, but I'm glad I got the point across with it. Thank you for the comment, too!

Well, the Sigils and Unions series is very new compared to a lot of the others here, but I have a newspaper editorial piece that finds out more about the life of the late Cardassian dissident, Tekeny Ghemor, and picks up on some of these "little" incidents that meant a lot to the people around him.
I'm gonna have to read that. I don't (rather guiltily) know a whole lot about Cardassians, but anything that shows the more small, life-and-mind-shaping stuff is great with me.

You're very welcome.

And it does make sense...from what I see, I think most parents do harbor fantasies deep down that their child will be just like them.
Yah. My hubby and I do, and we're both HUMAN parents. ::laughs:: So, I figured it'd be even more prominant there, though perhaps not to the point where it's a big problem. At least until Spock reaches the age where he has to commit more to one or the other path.

Regrets aren't logical--but I definitely think Sarek had them later on.
I think so, too. Still, I ultimately think he was a good man; flawed, but with genuine intentions.

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
The adage, "good things come in small packages," certainly rings true with these two short-stories. I enjoyed both of them - Spock as a typical, energetic toddler challenging Sarek's carefully planned, logical child-rearing plans was priceless! But I really connected with the poignant scene of McCoy fixing breakfast for his family in the early morning hours. It was all the more bitter-sweet, knowing how things would eventually turn out for this family and how his life would forever change.

Very, very well done!
Thank you much! The Spock story gave me fits for days until I decided to write what I know -- babies! McCoy's tale, both in canon and then explored some in the novels, has always struck me, too. He was so utterly human, and the notion that a bad breakup sent him into Starfleet makes him all the more poignant. I'd venture to say that he's my second favorite character to write, from the canon cast. Thanks again! You guys are just amazingly encouraging!
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