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Re: ST:TOS - General Fanfic

I like the new story, definitely.

I can almost hear "Cat's in the Cradle" playing, as I read the McCoy story--it just has that same emotional feel to it. (Which is quite the fit, considering the time period of TOS and McCoy's own old-fashionedness.)

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What a powerful, compact little piece you've written here! I LOVE these kinds of "everyday life" stories even in the midst of these fantastical, epic universes--and I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in that.
Oh, Lord, no. I tend to take a real character-eye view with my stuff, and it just thrills me all to little pieces that you liked this and like those kinds of stories. Got any of yours posted? I can never get enough real character-driven stuff.
Well, the Sigils and Unions series is very new compared to a lot of the others here, but I have a newspaper editorial piece that finds out more about the life of the late Cardassian dissident, Tekeny Ghemor, and picks up on some of these "little" incidents that meant a lot to the people around him.

One interesting point, though: why did Sarek not think to look in books about raising human infants? Was he just in denial that Spock might have some human characteristics?
I don't think it was denial, so much as kind of expecting Amanda to "know" that side of things and handle the human side of it. Logical and sometimes wise as Sarek is, I think he was deep down pulling for Spock to be in his own image and only perhaps came to the conclusion that Spock had to be true to both halves of his heritage much later. I don't think he sees the human blood as anything bad, but has a definite bias on which way he would like his son to go... so, he wanted to concentrate on the Vulcan half, and likely thought Amanda would be better at nurturing the human side.

Does that make sense?

And thanks so much for the comment! It really made me smile.
You're very welcome.

And it does make sense...from what I see, I think most parents do harbor fantasies deep down that their child will be just like them.

Regrets aren't logical--but I definitely think Sarek had them later on.
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