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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Mistral wrote: View Post
That was damn fine work. The depth of your story is startling at times. I really got the feeling of a cooperative spirit without any hackneyed conventions being used. Very well done!
Thanks! That was something I was very worried about, actually--that this scene would come across as cliched. (And I think I put that self-consciousness right into Spirodopoulos. ) I'm very relieved to know that wasn't the case.

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
I like how these chapters imbued a sense of optimism about this erstwhile alliance. Though there's still plenty of suspicion and outright animosity below the surface, there is also genuine hope that this rag-tag group of Starfleeters and rebel Cardassians might be able to fight side-by-side.

The drinking ceremony at the end was a nice touch - very well done!
Glad you liked it! I thought that without some seminal moment like this, they wouldn't even get through their first trial intact, let alone the war. And THAT remains to be seen...

As it stands, I would say there are certain groups that get along with each other. Spirodopoulos is getting a pretty good rapport with at least some of the senior Cardassian officers (though Speros is definitely a problem), and there are certain groups of junior officers that get along with each other (like Prashek, Ngaer, and Rashad). But the entire unit still needs to be forged into a strong chain.

Of course, the four guls have their own issues to deal with, with each other. Notice that little silent tiff between the oldest and youngest guls...
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