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Re: ST:TOS - General Fanfic

Gibraltar wrote: View Post

That was funny and touching all at the same time, and in so brief a story to boot!

Very well done, and welcome to the fanfic board!
Thank you very much! For both the encouragement and the welcome.

BolianAdmiral wrote: View Post
I agree... wow is right. I generally don't read other fics than my own, but your description grabbed my interest, and I have to say, I REALLY liked this... you captured the tenderness and emotions very well, and I could really "see" that scene playing out, with Sarek and all.

VERY good job... I hope you continue here.

Wow, thanks! I sure hope I can continue to live up to that. I was challenged to write a young Spock, and agonized for three days on how to do it until one of my best friends pointed out that I do have plenty of experience with babies and toddlers. So, this bit was born. Thanks so much for the encouragement -- I chew nails whenever I try to write Spock, though it seems he's the one other people most request that I write for 'em. Always breathe a sigh of relief when I do okay.
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