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Re: Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

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Sorry, but the gadgets are cliche and plot crutches. They becomes more incredibly ludicrous as the franchise aged.
Well not neccesarily, Goldeneye doesn't feature them too heavily, but I agree DAD probably did go a tad too far. Having said that the way Bond used his mobile phone in CR was pretty much a plot crutch at every turn. The fact that he located Demitrious from a single text message was utterly ridiculous, similarly how exactly did he locate Mr White from just a mobile number? Do these international terrorirsts not just use single use disposable phones?

All too easy. And the fact that Dimetrious sent his text conviniently on the first CCTV tape Bond looked at...'bout as believable as an invisible car (which is actually theorectically possible)
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