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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2008!

^^ Are those who fail History doomed to repeat it?

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Now I'm reading a few stories from Children Of Cthulhu.
How is that? It pops up as a recommendation for me on Kindle now and then.
With the exception of Poppy Z Brite's contribution, I've enjoyed them all so far, especially Larry Niven's story and another one set in the Post-Bellum South. And there's a story called "Details" that's both Lovecraftian and innovative. There's one very short story that's pretty standard, but loaded with atmosphere. Based on what I've read so far (maybe a quarter of the book), I think it's worth getting.

I read the third story in Four Octobers and it was quite good, though I found the ending weak. It had the same "oddity" as the second story, which I won't spoil because it has nothing to do with quality, but I'll just say it's probably not a good choice for Halloween reading. I'll save the last story till later. I'm thinking of reading something from the Destinations Unknown anthology next.

Dread Central's got a glowing review of Trick 'r Treat, which just makes me all the more frustrated that Warner Brothers is just sitting on it. It was supposed to be released at Hallowe'en last year, and except for a few minor convention viewings, it hasn't been released at all. At first there were fears that it'd go straight to DVD, but so far it looks like WB isn't even doing that. As the review says:

For two years, the studio has refused to release this little gem, while it continues to crank out unwatchable bottom-of-the-barrel dreck like Return to House on Haunted Hill and Lost Boys: The Tribe.
The review makes it sound like loads of fun, and it makes me wish studios still did anthology-style horror flicks.
I love anthology movies. I did re-watch Dead Of Night last week, by the way. I wonder what the reason is for holding back on this flick; maybe there's some kind of legal issue.
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