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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

And if we are wrong, I am sure it is entertaining for David Mack to see our speculating and know how ridiculously wrong we are!
That's part of the fun. I'm still holding on to the theory that, despite the subspace tunnels being collapsed in Mere Mortals, they'll find a way back and that Voyager's new mission that they're "uniquely qualified for" (oh noes!!!1, Pocket Books Catalog information! ) is them exploring the subspace tunnels, unlocking their mysteries and journeying not only to far-flung sections of the galaxy, but to far-flung areas of the universe (the two tidbits David Mack threw out there are just too good to have been throwaways). Stargate meets Star Trek FTW.

But, either way, I can't wait for the last book of this trilogy.
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