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Re: House 5x05 "Lucky Thirteen" - Discussion and Spoilers

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I've been watching the reruns on USA, and lastnight saw one from 2006 I think, that I think was called "Casting Out Judas" ? It had the Tritter storyline nearing it's apparent conclusion, as well as a POTW involving a little daugher of bickering divorced parents. I mention that last part, because in teh story a judge awards temporary custody to Cuddy. This seemed to be the first time I encountered her wanting to have a baby. Is that accurate, or was there an earlier reference? It was VERY well played and quite a nice job by both Lisa Edelstein and Robert Sean Leonard.
Cuddy's desire to have a child was an in-and-out story arc during Season 3 and, IIRC, part of Season 2 (towards the end.)

The arc was all-but dropped by the time Season 3 ended and Season 4 began.
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