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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread


I hadn't thought about the Borg Queen angle, but everything else is what I've been thinking since the end of Gods of Night. Like you said, when they said the distance, I did a mental note, thought "that was oddly specific," and then thought "ooh, what if this *is* the origin of the Borg..." They could be the "Lost Souls" the final book is referring to.[/quote]

I had completely forgotten about that very specific distance being mentioned, but that does make perfect sense.

This has me wondering even more about who it was warning the enterprise (I think it was the enterprise) away, and let them live because they weren't borg.
Perhaps the Caeliar made the MACOs into Borg unintentionally, and then had to fight back--although that would be against their nature.

Thinking about it, this whole Borg quest for perfection could be descended from the Caeliar desire to find someone more advaned than they.

Ah, I love speculating, even if I am completely off.

And if we are wrong, I am sure it is entertaining for David Mack to see our speculating and know how ridiculously wrong we are!
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