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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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Anyone else think this might be a possibility??
That's been my theory since reading the end of Gods of Night. I look at it this way: we know that three Caeliar cities escaped the destruction of Erigol. Axion went on to found New Erigol. One of the others was the far distant civilization that caused the cataclysm in the first place. That leaves one unaccounted for. Either of the latter two could eventually have become the Borg.

It's interesting to me that we haven't heard anything more about Mantilis, the city where only the six humans and twelve Caeliar survived. They ended up an unspecified distance into the past and about 60,000 light years from Erigol/the Azure Nebula- roughly the right distance, if my general understanding of the galactic map is correct, to be somewhere in eventual Borg territory. Think of it: only 18 survivors, and when last we see them they're about to crash into a planet. Just the kind of desperate circumstances that could lead to military modification of the gestalt, via MACO ideology, say? And then there's Kiona Thayer, the injured human woman. Given that the Caeliar don't look particularly human, it's interesting that the Borg queen does. If her injuries were bad enough, Thayer might need to be crudely introduced into the gestalt... and then....
I hadn't thought about the Borg Queen angle, but everything else is what I've been thinking since the end of Gods of Night. Like you said, when they said the distance, I did a mental note, thought "that was oddly specific," and then thought "ooh, what if this *is* the origin of the Borg..." They could be the "Lost Souls" the final book is referring to.
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