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Re: True Blood 1x8 - The Fourth Man in the Fire - Spoilers

MeanJoePhaser wrote: View Post
No one's noticed Bartlett's missing yet.
He doesn't live anywhere even remotely close to Bon Temps. Even if they did notice him missing, he's too far away to be brought up in town.

The fang banger who died in the fire was as good as dead hanging around those 3 psycho vamps anyway.
I know. Shame, too. He was a cute lil twink.

Tara's mom went from one stereotype to another.
This surprises you? She is a wretched lil thing, isn't she?

Jason's new girl instantly becomes the new waitress.
They talked in the episode about being short-handed, and Sam's been looking. Waitresses come and go rather quickly at his bar.

Ladies, would you kiss a guy covered in cemetary dirt?
Sookie would. But then, she's kissing a guy who has been dead for over a century before she was born, and she spent an entire day thinking he was final-dead. She's grateful he's still around.

Sam's streaking actually brings out the real detective in that uh...can't remember his name.
That's not all it brought out. Rawr.

What's up with shell-shocked veteran? Is he the killer?
Can't say. But they've already portrayed a few other completely innocent people as the killer. Why stop there?

I think it's funny the series opened with a scene dismissing the stereotypical vampire types, then it goes to the Vamp bar where all the vamps are stereotypes.
Semi-spoilers here, but nothing major ...

In the book, it's established that vampires actually hate the vampire bars. They have them for the tourists and fang-bangers, people who go in expecting to see that based on movies, books, tv shows, etc. Outside of the bar, Pam never dresses in black. Ever. She's most happy dressed up in pink frilly stuff. They put on an act for the paying customers. And that's all it is. An act.

Now, a few comments about this ..

I'm really hating Jason now. He crossed over to the dark side VERY eary here. In the books, it's much later, and still not as bad as what he did in this episode. Holy crap.

And LaFayette? He really doesn't love anybody but himself.

It was obvious Bill wasn't gone, since we saw him rising in the previews last week, but still they spent a long time waiting around for him to show up.

Eric ... Ugh. I still don't like him. The Eric of the tv show is so incredibly dull and boring. There is no charm. There is nothing about him that is in any way special.

Pam is still dead wrong.

The more shirtless and/or nude scenes we get with Sam, the better. Thumbs way up for that. Lucky bitch Tara.
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