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Rewatching "Casino Royale (2006)"

Since we're now less than a month away from Daniel Craig's 2nd 007 outing, "Quantum of Solace," I thought now would be a good time to revisit his debut in the James Bond reboot, "Casino Royale."

I find that my opinons on this movie haven't really changed at all from when I first saw the movie in theaters to today. I think the movie has some great action scenes, particularly the free running at the beginning. But I also lament the movie's very serious tone. Somehow, that's just not James Bond to me. We already have tons of gritty, "realistic" action heroes out there. If I want that, I'll pop in the ol' "Die Hard" DVD. With James Bond, I'm expecting something special. I'm expecting him to not only save the day but be super-charming and look impeccable in a tuxedo while doing it. Roger Moore & Pierce Brosnan captured this perfectly. Daniel Craig is doing a great job, no question. But whatever he's doing, to me, it's not Bond.

I also think that "Casino Royale" goes on a bit too long. When I read that it was the longest of all the 007 films, my first reaction was, "Yes, obviously." I understand what they're doing with all the multiple endings but it just gets tiresome.

There is one bit in "Casino Royale" that I just noticed and want to point out. I really like the way they play Mathis' scene when he's asking Bond if he saw anything when Le Chiffre & his cohorts were killed. At that point, the audience is supposed to believe that Mathis is acting suspicious because he's worried that Bond somehow discovered that he was in collusion with Le Chiffre. But watching it a 2nd time, I realize that really what was happenning was Mathis was acting the way he was because he suspected Bond of being in collusion with Mr. White because he felt it was too suspicious that they left Bond & Vesper alive. It's a great piece of subtlety and the actor playing Mathis really pulls it off well.

What about you folks? After a couple years to digest it, what's your verdict on "Casino Royale"?
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