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Re: Various Sketches, Ideas, Etc.

The Anhur-Class Patrol Ship was introduced in 2370 as part of the ongoing effort to modernize the fleet in the face of threats such as the Borg. The Anhur is a small vessel, with 6 habitable decks in total and an average crew of 40. The Anhur-Class is designed for long hauls, and as such, her engines are not as impressive as the Galaxy or Intrepid-class ships. Quarters are more spacious than other ships of her size, and recreational facilities are emphasized to compensate for long boring months of repetitious patrol duty. Armament is fair, consisting of 6 Type-IX Phaser Arrays and 1 torpedo tube.

Commanding officers of Anhur-class vessels are allowed the option of decorating their ships with non-standard paint schemes. Pictured here is the USS Lightning.
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