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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

RB2 is easier in some respects, harder in others. I think the top tier stuff is a bit harder myself.

The free stuff isn't great, but there are a few songs there that seemed ok when I checked 'em out. Most of it I don't even want for free. I like most everything on the DLC list for this Tuesday. Siouxsie is a definite win. Can't wait to be playing some AC/DC next week.

Having tried the RB2 drums, I've pretty much decided that I'll just go with the IONs, and pick that up in the next month. I already have the Rock Pedal and it's a huge improvement over the stock pedal.

Since the gf has all but stopped playing RB2 with me these days, I've gone back to doing vocals again (she always does vox when we play together and I play guitar or drum). I'm up at #5 on the Xbox leaderboards for vocals on "Flirtin' With Disaster" (there are three tied for the top spot, and I'm tied with three others after that). Woo-hoo!

Seems like some of the people I play with online are all playing Fable II or Saints Row 2 this week. Until today. Now some of them are playing GH:WT. I have several games stuck in mid-completion thanks to my dedication in playing Rock Band over the other games.
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