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It's just slightly disappointing that WW1 seems to be the only war that "Canadians" can remember fondly because of this particular battle. Even though Canadians participated in lots of WW2 battles, the only real one that I can remember is the crushing defeat at Hong Kong. Go figure.
You know--it seems like every time you open your mouth on subjects like these, you just reveal the depth of your ignorance about the rest of Canada and its history.

The last time I read one of your posts, you were asking if the new NDP MP for Edmonton-Strathcona was a "cowboy oil driller". For your information, Linda Duncan has had a long and distinguished career as an international environmental-law consultant.

Now, here--in addition to putting "Canadians" in scare quotes for some reason--you show us just how little you know about both the Canadian experience in World War I, and its subsequent commemoration.

Far from being the reason why Canadians remember World War I fondly, the 2nd Battle of Passchendaele is largely forgotten in Canada. You've obviously confused this engagement with the capture of Vimy Ridge, during the Battle of Arras, earlier in the year, which is only mentioned in this movie.

And I think we all know the reason why you can only be bothered to remember the fall of Hong Kong, instead of, say, the Dieppe Raid, or the Canadian contribution to D-Day. In your own way, you're as provincial as any small-town redneck.
First, I like to think I was being sarcastic in the TNZ thread. As I've said before, my friends from Alberta seem to hold the view that Albertan conservatism is horribly right wing and that's where I've formed my own opinion. Are they wrong because they don't live in Alberta anymore?

And, "Canadians" seems apt for me because of my Chinese-Canadian subjectivity - I have no real tie to either world war. At best, my mother was a child during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia and my father was a child during the Communist resistance fighting in China.

I suppose it's also why I can only think of Hong Kong and not Dieppe, even though that's definitely probably the biggest Canadian battle of WW2 (to the point where they made a CBC miniseries about it).

Also, I fully admit that I have a dim view of WW1. In my view it's the "Iraq War" of the 20th century, but I think we'll leave that debate for another time.
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