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I saw it yesterday. It wasn't perfect, either as a movie or as a representation of history. But it was pretty good--and I found that its flaws actually made it more interesting.

There is a lot going on in this film. The creators seem to have thrown in everything they could think of, including the legend of the Crucified Canadian. Some of the shots were clearly inspired by iconic Great-War photographs, and the character of Sergeant Dunne seems to have been inspired (at least in part) by the real-life British war poet Siegfried Sassoon, by way of Pat Barker's novel Regeneration.

I agree with CaptainCanada about the film's uneven tone. Some of my students saw it, and compared it to Pearl Harbor. Now that I've seen it, I think that comparison is rather unfair. Frankly, I think Passchendaele is a better movie, and I found the relationship between Sergeant Dunne and Nurse Mann much more interesting than its Michael-Bay counterpart.

A much better comparison could be made with Peter Weir's Gallipoli (1981).

A good effort, overall. Certainly worth seeing in theatres.
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