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Re: Do you think I'd like Firefly?

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I just finished the Firefly movie (Serenity) and was very disappointed.
I just watched the TV show (all 14 episodes) for the first time this past month.
The movie had a negative tone
and didn't follow the Western motif they had in the TV show. Also, I personally can't stand movies where a woman is a sexy super-assassin...too fanboy. I'm sorry, but if you think Summer Glau is hot then...oh forget it.
Have you been watching the Terminator TV series? The girl cleans up REAL good! Summer can be hot as hell with very little effort. I'm beginning to think the real effort was to make her look so mousey on Firefly!

I agree the movie was WAY too dark in tone. Oddly enough, that's the way Whedon wanted the TV series to be before Fox execs made him tone it down. That's the ONLY thing I think Fox got right. Ever.
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