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Re: I have an idea for a Star Trek Novel!

And let's not use this as a place to trash talk other members of the board, please, Rush. Yes, I'd say that no matter who it was, before anyone starts accusing me of bias. I haven't worked for them since 2006. Sucking up to me is pointless, but I can offer advice on what I did learn while I was working in the line.

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
We've all done our Trek novels that violate the guidelines at some point, Rush.
Of course. However...they were never our first sales, amen?
Hate to blow your firmly-held belief, but mine didn't sell at all. I didn't play by the rules very well.

As for what Mistral said, discussing whatever about your idea you're comfortable discussing in fanfic is fine. The writers who are still working in the line don't come here. Discussing it in TrekLit, however, is a bad idea.
"Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamppost what it feels about dogs."--John Osborne (no relation that I'm aware of)
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